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Woodbridge Residents Against The Newton Road Cell Tower

This group was formed in 2020 as a result of local residents learning of Verizon’s and a Woodbridge resident’s intent to construct a 144’ Cell Phone tower on their residential property located at 118 Newton Road.

The proposed site is completely surrounded by homes of Woodbridge residents. The property was once used for farming activities. The owners previously tried to build a small housing development on the site, however that project never moved forward. They have since entered into contract with Verizon to rent a portion of their land, which will pay them a monthly rent.

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We are not against cell phone towers, but we are against cell phone towers in residential neighborhoods. They should NOT be in our neighborhood, or YOUR neighborhood, or ANY neighborhood. They should be in commercial/industrial areas or on town owned property.

Verizon has submitted its application to the CT Siting Council (CSC) for approval of this site. Our Woodbridge group has retained legal counsel and expert technical, environmental and impact analysis consultants to fight this application.

The World Health Organization recently classified Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, like that from cell phones and cell phone towers, as a "possible carcinogenic” in humans.  Studies around the world directly link cell phone tower exposure to brain tumors, cancer, depression, dizziness, headaches, and other serious health ailments (Kostoff and Tsatsakis, Adverse health effects of 5G mobile networking technology under real life conditions, 2020). It used to be that they would not put these towers near a building without written consent from the owners, but that is no longer the case.  Unfortunately, health risks are not considered by Siting Council when evaluating an application.


Cell phone towers are also proven to decrease adjacent property values and impede the marketability of homes (The Electrifying Factor Affecting Your Property's Value, Wall Street Journal, 2018).  The Woodbridge housing market has suffered in recent years and our town and our homeowners cannot afford the added economic stress that a cell tower erected in a residential area will bring to home values.


Although the residents of Newton Road, Penny Lane, Forest Glen Drive, Soundview Drive, Prospect Rd, Hampton Drive, Indian Trail, Forest Trail, Partridge Ln, Burnt Swamp Rd, Prospect Ct, October Hill Road, Dogwood Circle, and Crystal Terrace will experience the most detrimental and immediate impact from this project, it is important to the entire town. It is critical to Woodbridge because we cannot permit industry to set a precedent of constructing in a residential zone and have that considered acceptable in our townscape. It will also have an impact on the property values ALL Woodbridge residents, particularly as comparable homes are used when assessing sales prices.


Cell towers also have a significant impact on the environment. Our town is known for its natural beauty and wide-array of wildlife. It is not unusual to see a family of deer, wild turkeys, bobcats and other animals, cross our backyards and town streets. It may also impact bird migration patterns, further endangering already rare species.

Please use the form below to add your contact information to the database of concerned citizens against the construction of this tower in a residential area.  We will send out periodic updates as to the progress of the applicant’s submission to the Siting Council. No one’s information will be transmitted or published in any manner without your written consent.  




We are trying to increase visibility to this matter with "You Have The Power To Stop The Tower" lawn signs. If you are interested in placing one on your property, please email  

Please help support our legal expenses by clicking on the gofundme link below, as we fight for this cause for all Woodbridge residential neighborhoods.

Petitions Signed: 427 (You're Next)
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118 Newton Rd.

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